the world the small, the great!

Odysseus Elytis 1911-1996
μικρόκοσμος (el)
masculine noun
μικρόκοσμος < subsequent greek μικρόκοσμος < μικρός + κόσμος
The organisation μicrokosmos (we kept in our logo the”μ” and the “κ” greek in order to show the word’s journey through the centuries from its greek root to its international transcription) is a Non-Profit Organisation, which strives for social solidarity in the fields of education and culture.
It is a democratic organization, nonpartisan and religious tolerant, free, autonomous and independent that does not tolerate any discriminations based on sex, gender, language or religion and excludes any commercial or profit driven purpose.

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Examination for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Greek in May 2021

The Centre for the Greek Language announces the final dates of the Examination for the Certification of Attainment in Modern Greek. The Exams will be held in May 2021.
Registration from 1st February to 21st March 2021

Stress control management in stressful situations

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Ethelon Days 2020

Η εβδομάδα των Ethelon #Days_2020 έφτασε! Και ο Microkosmos ως #Community_Partner δε θα μπορούσε να μη σε ενημερώσει για το τι θα συμβεί σε αυτό το διήμερο διαδικτυακό event στις 4 και 5 Δεκεμβρίου!

Poetry. Silence and light only

This is a guide addressed to those learning the Greek language (level B2-C1) who would like to become familiar with Modern Greek poetry, as well as to those who want to have an initial contact with poets, men and women, who left their mark on Greek literature and, more generally, on Greek culture and society.